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Bored? Really?

Are You Bored? Really?   Bored? Really? Kids often say to their parents, “Mom, Dad, I’m bored. I have nothing to do!” Adults often say, or think, the same thing. If you take a moment to read below you should realize that boredom is the biggest, lamest, excuse ever! (more…)

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Brendon Burchard – 5 Steps for Getting Ahead

What Everyone Should Know About Their Own Journey   Brendon Burchard has been a moving force in my life, both in my personal development and in my business efforts. I’ve never met him face to face but I feel like I know him personally. I “met” him accidentally about four years ago when I came […]

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Quick. Another facebook…

I was invited to yet another social media site yesterday. There was nothing outstanding about it. It was just another place to sign up, interact with people, post cute sayings, and converse about certain topics. And they made it easy for you. One-click registration with a facebook interface. If you give them permission to post […]

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Facebook Likes

I regularly get asked to like people’s facebook pages. It happens as often as several times a day. Sometimes I look at the page and wonder why I should like it at all. Especially when it has nothing on it but a name. The requester would be far better off, and more likely to get […]

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The Important Things In Life…

What Are The Important Things That Really Matter?   A philosophy professor stood before his class with some items on the table in front of him. He had previously written the words, “The Important Things In Life” on the chalk board behind him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and […]

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Why January One?

So why exactly do we celebrate new years day, the beginning of our new annual calendar, on January 1? Is there some line in space we cross as we orbit the sun? Is there some spectacular alignment of stars and planets that happens on this day? Is there any technical reason at all for this […]

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The American Resolution

The new year is coming up fast and may people will be making resolutions, those promises we make to ourselves knowing we are unlikely to keep them. A lot of those promises will have to do with weight loss, especially after the excessive eating we have all done over the holiday season. Some will turn […]

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Climb In Your Mind

My good friend, Don McGrath Ph.D., who has been climbing since before he could walk, it seems, has a new book coming out. The subject, of course, is rock climbing but Don and co-author, Jeff Elison Ph.D., take a different approach. It’s all about your mind set. Watch the trailer below…   (more…)

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