Wiz’s Guide To Successful Online Freelancing

My third book for Kindle on Amazon when “live” this morning. The Wiz’s Guide To Successful Online Freelancing (Wiz’s Guides) isn’t a huge book but it is loaded with ideas, resources, and tools to help you make up your mind about freelancing and, if you so choose, take your first steps along the right path.
This one is the first in a series of guides I’ll be publishing over the coming weeks on various subjects relating to doing business online.
This one covers Freelancing, and contains a realistic overview for the prospective freelancer. It provides detailed information with links to resources for the individual who has decided to seriously approach this field. There is no fluff here. It contains serious questions you should be asking yourself and good, solid, answers. This book is for anyone considering a career in this field.
Watch for more of my green cover Guide series.


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