La Dolce Vita

I don’t seem to recommend too many books that would be classed as love stories though I do read them from time to time. I guess, in part, it’s because there are few really good ones. Oh, there’s lots of sappy ones, and tear-jerker ones, and many with bits and pieces that speak to you through the heart. But the really great ones that rise to the top like cream in the country milk bottle, well, they’re just rare. This is one of those rare ones and it’s worth the price of admission!
What the author says…

I wrote La Dolce Vita to fulfill a promise I made to the woman I loved with all my heart for sixty years and continue to love until the end of time. In writing this, I discovered myself. I learned who I am. I learned about selfless devotion. I learned that my life is truly a story. I had to read La Dolce Vita many times to convince myself that I actually wrote it and that my life was exciting and adventurous.”
“The material is fairly universal. There’s a war story, one of the most factual and personal ever told; there’s a war- related illness that took a lovely angel to cure. There is ‘academic therapy’, quite demanding but rewarding – a message to the young. Mostly, there is a precious love affair that survived it all and brought us heaven out of hell. What survives this crucible of life is contained herein. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey and will benefit from my insights.”
–Herb Baron.


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