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A Christmas Story

1983 was a strange year. Watch A Christmas Story and you will know what I mean. Our young family had recently returned to my home town of St. Catharines. Our second home there in three years was our seventh home since my first wife and I had been married. My older daughter, Anne-marie, went to […]

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Spitfire vs. Mustang

1969 was a very good year. The Archies (Sugar Sugar) were at the top of the charts. Ford/Mercury was cleaning up the tracks at NASCAR; so much in fact that Richard Petty left his long tenure with MoPar in oder to get himself behind the wheel of one of those track burning modified Torino Talladegas. […]

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You Betcha Red Rider

As many of you know I don’t do mornings well. I’ve spent my life thinking “outside the box” (or with no box at all!) and so I always saw it as, “The early worm gets taken by the bird!” (more…)

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Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke is the well know science fiction writer who gave us such monumental stories as 2001 A Space Odyssey and Randevous With Rama, and lesser known, though equally important works like The Fountains Of Paradise. Many don’t know that he was actually a formally trained mathematician and scientist as well. (more…)

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To Blab Or Not To Blab

“What the heck is Blab?” a friend asked me the other day when I told him I was on Blab three times a week. Well, Blab is a rather appropriate name for a live-stream video social sharing platform where people sit around projecting their video image and blab. Well, they speak, share, present, and all […]

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WordPress Bootcamp WizardsPlace Special

My new Wiz’s WP Website Boot Camp is a WordPress bootcamp with a difference. It is an up-to-date combination of online self-directed study content, downloadable materials, live-streaming real-time classroom sessions, and real engagement with the instructor (me!). (more…)

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How Do You Think The Robot Feels?

While not exactly the kind of robots envisioned by Isaac Asimov when he penned his Three Laws of Robotics, none-the-less robots are among us. They have worked their way into many levels of our society, from office mail delivery to heavy labor, from lab technicians to aircraft flight systems, and they are poised to slip […]

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