The Future Is Now!

In the mid-80s I read a book by the brilliantly accurate American futurist, Alvin Toffler. The Third Wave changed the way I looked at things and changed my life forever. Armed with a keen desire to ride that wave into the future, 1989 found me online with a 1200 baud modem attached to my Commodore 128 computer riding the digital pathways of TymeNET and QuantumLink. Not long afterwards I built my own destination, that grew into the multiline bulletin board system (BBS), AMBASSADOR BOARD. I embraced the Internet, first through its early incarnations, ARPAnet and NSFnet and, later, when it became public, though Archie and Veronica and Gopher. When the World Wide Web was unveiled in 1993 I jumped on board and have been riding its unparalleled growth ever since.

If you haven’t read The Third Wave I encourage you to do so. It may well bring clarity to an ever increasingly muddled world, the merging of real and virtual. At the very least, take time (11 minutes) to watch this amazing video presentation. Click the bulb to play:


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