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Is This Thing On?
When working with clients on a variety of technical topics and issues, the number one problem I encounter is they just don’t know the basics. They don’t know about file types or what an operating system is, let alone which one they have. They are up to their neck in programs and utilities without knowing how to copy and paste or what actually goes on when they save a file. Online they are trying to purchase a domain name with no idea about all they are offered and, as a result, end up spending tens, and sometimes hundreds, of dollars on services they really don’t need. It’s all about the basics!
And Abby Stokes’ Is This Thing On is about exactly the same thing. Written for those new to computing (or being online), especially aging boomers, and for those who just missed out on the foundational things they really need, this book provides technophobes and those who would get an F in computer literacy the key pieces of the puzzle so many are missing. Well worth the price and available for Kindle as well!
Click the book cover above to grab your copy today on Amazon.

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