Spirituality And The New Majority

As a guy, especially an old guy, who has made great effort to move from traditional (male dominated) business practices to spiritual-based understanding of, and approach to, both my personal, and business, life — which really can’t be separated, I see something that is seriously flawed, and particularly dangerous, growing among us.

Sacred Feminine

Starting in the 60s, following leaders like Gloria Steinem, Robin Morgan, and Jane Fonda, the feminist (or women’s liberation) movement worked diligently to dismantle the male-dominated establishment’s barriers to women’s equality. Even back then, as a young man, I applauded those achievements, though perhaps somewhat nervously.
What I see today is a head-long rush by some to re-establish those barriers, to fight back against the hard-won equality gained in painful, often dangerous, small steps over five decades to the point where now even the Presidency of the United States Of America is open to, and likely attainable by, a woman.
That re-establishment rush, however isn’t by men. It’s by women, hastily creating systems, putting in place groups and organizations, sometime without thinking, but often with determined thought, that are “women only” or, at least, woman focused. I see this as a mistake, the pendulum swinging far to the other side, almost certainly too far.
Some might say, “But it’s our turn!” Is that what it is all about, turns? To defeat male pigs only to become female pigs? Look, I’m just a guy. What do I know. And I probably won’t be around long enough to see it through, but I challenge serious women to take a moment, reach out and find your true spirituality, and think seriously, within that context, of what the future should be.
It is, in fact, within YOUR grasp!

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