So YOU Think YOU’VE Got Problems!

Okay, you’ve had troubles in your life. You’re trying to introduce a product, launch a new concept, build an online business, any one of the many things people come to this website to learn about and you start off by looking at all the problems the keep you from doing so. Ha! You don’t know about problems!
Imagine, if you will, that you were a monk and you (and another dozen or so of your fellow monks) were invited to perform the famous Hallelujah chorus from George Frideric Handel’s great work, Messiah. Not such a big deal. Monks do that choral singing stuff all the time, right? Okay, now imagine that you and your fellow monks had all taken a vow of silence…
Now THAT’s a problem! And these monks have a wonderful solution. Will you be as creative with the solutions to your problems?


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