I wrote this on facebook earlier this morning:
“Thank you everyone for all your wonderful birthday wishes. This year is one of those milestones like 16, 18, 21, 30, and 50. I’ve spent much of the last ten years figuring out what I want to be when I grow up and now that I’ve reached 60 I guess I should start doing it. I’m not sure what 60 is supposed to feel like. Cold weather bothers me a little but, then, maybe it always did. Joints ache a little more, I think, but maybe that’s just sitting at the computer too long each day. I need to walk more and eat less. I know more. I realize how little I actually know. I’ve done a lot of things in 60 years. I’ve had many jobs, several careers, traveled, explored, moved, collected, disposed, shared, given, accepted, been, done, found, lost, laughed, cried, loved… I guess I can say I’ve “lived”. And during all that I’ve met many wonderful people, made many good friends, experienced the good so many people offer. Life certainly doesn’t owe me a dime! I will, of course, still accept all the loose change it might choose to send my way. After all, I’m just getting started!”
I wrote it because, well, I’m sixty. It’s my birthday today. Oh, no. No need for best wishes or cake or balloons, or anything. I’m fine. It’s just one more day and I’ll get over it. That’s the good thing about days; they come and they go. And hopefully we go on finding new ones.
Sixty years of them. Days. Nearly twenty-two thousand. That’s a lot. I’m glad to have had every one of them, too. And I’m looking forward to a few more. I’ll take what I get, of course. We all do. We don’t have much control over that. What we do have control over is what we do with those days. Me and you. We can choose to use them or let them slip buy almost unnoticed. We can use them for good or for bad. We can waste them or apply every minute. Probably it’s somewhere in the middle for most of us.
The important thing, especially if you are building a business of your own, is to do something positive, something that moves your business forward, every single day. When you’re doing it for your business, for you, for your loved ones, there are no excuses. Birthdays or otherwise. Just do it!

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