Scams Are Popular!

I am saddened every time I see one of these scam “work from home” so-called business opportunities being offered. It saddens me because I know several more people will be taken advantage of and, while a few may make a little at first, no one wins in the long run and most lose.
I hope everyone here knows the old adage, “If it looks too good to be true it probably is!” It applies equally today in these troubled financial times when so many scams are popping up. If the program is referred to as a “matrix” it is probably illegal and certainly doomed to failure.
If the money you get paid in the “home business” comes mostly or only from convincing others to sign up, then it is probably illegal and certainly doomed to fail. If there are no legitimate products or services sold in order to produce income or those products or services are minimal digital products (ebooks, ezine ads, etc.) or are undervalued in the process (you don’t really have to sell, just sign people up!) then it is probably illegal and certainly doomed to fail.
If the videos shown to get you “in” are mostly hype and all about signup rows and funnels, then you really want to ask (and get a complete answer for) the question, “Just were does all this money come from?” The only answer, and it’s almost impossible to get a straight one, is it comes from other people signing up.
If you don’t understand why that is illegal or not sustainable then do a little research on PONZI SCHEMES and ILLEGAL PYRAMIDS.
Not all home-business offerings are scams, there are lots of good ones. Many MLM programs are legitimate. But there are so many bad ones out there you want the advice of someone who knows, and who has nothing to gain or lose by telling you, the truth!
Don’t be seduced by these scammers or put under the “spell” of get rich quick, or by Christmas, or whatever big money pitch they are using.

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