Oh, What a Night (Ode to the Four Seasons)

Barry Smith, from Building What Matters, inspired me with his post on The Four Seasons Of Life and the result is this post.
Now I’ll let you read Barry’s post on your own to explore his take on four seasons but what I want to comment on are what I would call the three seasons of living. For many of us those are the typically distinct periods when,
1) we are growing and learning as a child and young adult, these are our peak years of growth and dreams and hope,
2) we are working for a living and trying to move ahead, but we are often let down, even depressed, give up on dreams, and make lesser plans,
3) we are lost in retirement wondering what happened and what, if anything, might be left for us at all.
A friend of mine effectively identifies these as the learning years, the earning years, and the yearning years. And they apply to far too many people, often many who thought they had that retirement thing all figured out, too!
Is this, perhaps, the classic ode, representing strophe, followed by the antistrophe and epode. Such opportunity. Such despair. Such tragedy. Or, like the Four Seasons, the greatest American rock and pop singing group at the time Beatle mania swept the continent, is there an opening for a Phoenix moment, a rising from the ashes, just as Frankie Valli resurrected his group and brought it new life and even greater success by embracing the change around him.
I’m just under two months from turning sixty-one. About a year and a half ago, well into my sixtieth year, I decided to change a little about what I was doing and a lot about the way I was doing it. In essence I began a new business and a new career. Audacious, some might say, for a guy my age.
Forget the quips about sixty being the new forty, or any statistics that say we are living longer, it should probably be considered supreme arrogance or, perhaps, I had figured out something many others never do. The important thing is, I didn’t do it on my own.
For some time I have had a mentor who has helped me focus and explore difficult times for the apparently hidden silver lining. Sometimes, together, we’ve found gold! And I ran into another person, a new friend, who shared just the right things with me at just the right time.
The thing is, these weren’t new things. Every single one of them was something I had already learned, often years before. Some I had forgotten. With some I had simply given up. And still others were there as part of my play book, my business plan, my marketing plan, or my ideas bank. But I wasn’t looking at any of them in the right way, or at the right time.
It wasn’t a miracle or anything. There was no epiphany. No slap the forehead “Doh!” moment. It was just great timing. Synchronicity. My new friend had bundled a bunch of tried and true concepts and was sharing them in new packaging. He caught my attention and I was willing to take a look. I quickly recognized the concepts, too. They were, in effect, all old friends, just waiting for me to invite them in. To embrace them once again.
But this time, unlike the last, it was now the right time for me. I embraced them and put together a new plan, new goals, new strategies, building on the old, on the tried and true, but looking at it from an angle, a perspective, I had not seen before.
And I began working it.
I still have my old mentor and he is more important to me now than ever. And I still have my new friend, and I revisit his concepts regularly, adjusting, tweaking, developing, expanding. And now I am working with others and sharing the ideas that were shared with me.
As my sixty-first year is nearly over, as I prepare to turn sixty-one and keep on counting, I realize that this decade of my life, the next nine years and beyond, could well have been my yearning years. Instead, I will keep on learning, and I will enjoy the earning!
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  1. Barry Smith October 15, 2012 at 9:21 am #

    Great post Steve and thanks for the mention. I have also heard the seasons of life described as “learn, earn and return.” I like the idea of “returning” what I have learned and earned to others. As you exemplify so well, it is better to give than to receive. Keep up the great work in sharing your thoughts! I realize more than ever that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.
    Barry Smith recently posted..“Practice Makes Perfect”, Or Does It?My Profile

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