Oh, Please, Not Again!

I got an email today with the subject line, “Amazon discontinues Kindle: What does this mean for authors?” and my first thought was, “Oh, please, not again!” — you see, the same line, or something similar to it, is popping up all over the place. It started as an attention-getter tag line for a course being offered by one of the more popular gurus and it has been picked up and spread all around the ‘net.
The email I got today went on to say, “…and the old line has been fully discontinued, but what does that mean to authors who want to reach both millions of readers with old Kindles and readers buying the new line?” Talk about buying into the hype! The thing is, it isn’t true.

If you think eInk Kindles are being discontinued then take a look at the link to the left. The new Kindle Paperwhite is just being offered on advance order. It is Kindle books (mostly for the eInk readers) that are outselling all hard cover and paperback books at the world’s largest book seller, and the statistics are impressive. Folks, eInk Kindles are going to be around for a while.
The nice thing is they are getting cheaper and cheaper. My model, the old Kindle Keyboard WiFi, is already a dinosaur after less than two years. But there are a gazillion books available for it — I’ve got over 700 on the reader waiting for my attention — and those ebooks won’t be going anywhere even if the reader is no longer being made.
It is, however, something to consider when creating, and especially when formatting, your book. Not only is there more than one type of ebook reader (each with a different format) there are also different formatting requirements across the models within one reader type. If you are only formatting for one, you want to pick the one with the greatest reach.
With upward acceptance by the new Kindles, the largest installed reader base, the power of Amazon distribution, and Kindle reader apps available for almost every smart device including iPhone, iPad, Android devices, tablets, PCs, and Macs, the eInk basic Kindle format is a great place to start!


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