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I saw this statement in a facebook group the other day in response to someone asking to see the poster’s blog. They are marketing a product but also made this statement, “My blog is not published yet, so I can’t show you what I’ve done with it.” Beside the fact that this is probably a poor way to interact with prospective customers, it is just a bad way to begin social media marketing. Regardless of the state of your blog, or website, get it open to the public TODAY!


I hear the my blog is not published yet excuse — or some variation on it — with all too frequent regularity. I am quite sure that everyone who uses it believes they (or their blog/website) just isn’t ready yet. This is understandable. It is only natural that you want your blog or website to be perfect, or at least as near to perfect as you can get it, before putting it out there for the general public to see, use, and comment upon.


You have likely heard the phrase, which some attribute to Voltaire, the French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher, which says, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good!” It is all too easy to use our desire to present perfection as our face to the Internet that we are kept in a state of procrastination. Every website is a work in progress. If we say we won’t make it public until it is completed and in a perfect state, then we will never make it public.


My Blog Is Not Published Yet – Really?


By getting past the my blog is not published yet mindset we gain so much. First of all, setting up our website to be online and open from the earliest moment we give search engines an opportunity to index it from the earliest point. This can actually be beneficial to our rankings and position in the search engine return pages (SERPs). Additionally, as search engine optimization works best over time, we have the benefit of our new content — the first content — on our website coming out one page at a time rather than being dumped to the search engines all at once.


And one more thing losing the my blog is not published yet excuse does for us. It helps get us beyond the cold numbing clutches of procrastination. It’s harder to put off doing what needs to be done to ready your blog or website if it is already out there for people to see. This foundational urgency brings with it a desire for immediate action.


Get your blog published now. Put what content you have — even none at all — out there to be seen. Then add to it every day until you get a reasonable display in place. From that point on you can operate within your plans and strategies. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional to help guide you. A coach or a mentor is a good choice. Someone who knows what is needed because they have been their themselves. Especially someone who understands your business and your specific, likely unique, needs.


Even if you plan to to the work, the copywriting, the search engine optimization, the social media and the Internet marketing, all by yourself you should probably contact, and contract, a knowledgeable professional to be there as a ready resource. You need someone who will, who can, answer the questions that will come up. It’s a cost of doing business and you might be surprised how reasonable it can be. Ask! And find out how you can never have to say, “My blog is not published yet,” ever again.


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