Memories vs. Ideas

The mind is an amazingly powerful thing. It is, in fact, the most powerful tool ever created and it has a lot, some might say everything, to do with your success or failure. In fact, learning to use, control, and understand, your mind is the single most important thing you can do to move yourself forward in your business or online presence efforts.
That’s a pretty big statement I’m making there. Let’s take a little test to begin a process of understanding the power of our mind. This one is easy. Nothing to write down. No marks or grades. All you have to do is think. The test has two parts.
First I want you to imagine yourself doing something tomorrow you really like doing. Whatever it is, eating ice-cream, reading a favorite book, visiting a friend, sipping fresh-brewed coffee, visualize yourself doing it well, enjoying it, making it happen. Really imagine it so you can see everything around you, every little detail, as if you are actually there.
Okay, let that image go. Second, I want you to take a moment and remember the last time you did something you like doing. It can be the same thing as above or something entirely different. Just remember it in as much detail as you can. See everything around you as it was when you were actually there.
Let that image go, now, too. Now, think about the two activities. The first is imagination, about something that doesn’t exist. The second is a memory, about something that did happen. One is fantasy. One is reality. Or is it? What is the difference between the two? They appear equally real. They have the same amount of visualization, focus, detail. You could smell the coffee, taste the cake, feel the sunshine on your face… whatever it was, each event were just as real as the other.
Besides the deep, quantum-physics, we make our own existence, spooky kind of stuff, it is a little unnerving when you realize there is no differences between what you remember as having actually happened and what you think about believing it is make-believe.
Realizing this is the first part of the foundation you need to stand upon in order to apply the power of your mind to your journey of success. Keep in in mind when you get to my next post.

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  1. Serena Curran October 18, 2012 at 6:53 am #

    Easy to read and understand explanation of some of the amazing powers of the mind. Love to read anything related to the Brain. Nice job, Steve
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