Kindle eBook Formatting

Publishing for the Kindle isn’t really that hard. I’ve done it. Twice. And it does get easier with practice. The difficult part is getting your book formatted. In fact, that’s really not so hard either, but it is different. Different enough that some people back away from the project without ever getting their ebook on Amazon. And that’s a foolish result, especially considering this resource that makes it all so very easy.
The Kindle Nonfiction Formatting Guide: Solve Your Nonfiction Formatting Problems (How To Format Your Book For Kindle) by Lis Sowerbutts will, as the blurb says, “make sure that your book is the highest quality as possible”. And that is an important thing when hoping that reader satisfaction will bring about great reviews.
It is, after all, great reviews that lead to more sales. Despite a well written, carefully edited, book with a superb cover, poor formatting will harm the reading experience and fail to receive a good, or even any, review.
I highly recommend this book!

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