It Takes Work. Hard Work.

Let me point out here that I’m a little bit biased. One of these girls is my daughter. There is a small school in town here. Very small. All of the senior girls, Jamie Patrick, Micaela Ensz, Heather Casey and Ciara Alderson, all four of them, play on the senior volleyball team. They also play on the senior basket ball team. So do all the junior girls. All of them. And the team still can’t quite field two full lines. Just nine players. Total. Like I said, it’s a small school.
Despite being just a tiny Class 1A school, the Central Christian seniors volleyball team, the Cougars, played 182 matches in four years. They won 168 of those matches. The Cougars won at least 40 matches each year against a schedule that featured many 2A, 3A and even 4A teams. The Cougars made it to the state tournament each year. They made it to the state semifinals each year. And they won the 2010 1A Division II state championship.
There are not many volleyball programs in Kansas, or anywhere else for that matter, that can hold a candle to that kind of success record in the last four years. It puts the Central Christian Cougars in pretty elite company.
So, what about basketball? The Cougars took at least 21 games in each of the last three seasons, making it to at least the sub-state finals each year. Last year, the Cougars made it to the 1A Division II state championship game, where they lost only to the much bigger Argonia. So far this year, the Central Christian Cougars are 15-3. That means, so far, the Cougar seniors basketball team has won more than 85 percent of its games.
Tonight they are at the sub-state finals where they begin three days of grueling competition. It’s safe to say this Central Christian senior team is one of the best in the state this year, some would say favored to go all the way. Whatever the outcome they are wrapping up one of the greatest four-year runs we have ever seen in Hutchinson and Reno County.
And it’s just four kids in the senior class and a handful of juniors. Against schools that can field entire lines of seniors. So what’s holding YOU back!?!

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