How To Sell A Million Books On Amazon

John Locke, the New York Times Best Sellers list author of the popular Donovan Creed series now finds his How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months nominated for Best Business Book for 2012. There is no question the man has been successful. In this book he shares how he accomplished that success.
The beauty of it is that anyone, YOU or ME, can write and publish for the Kindle and become a best seller on Amazon without an agent, without investment, pretty much with only a computer, an online account to access Amazon, and a free copy of Open Office Writer (or MS Word if you want to pay for it).

Whether it is the next block buster novel or a technical “How To” book, a 900 page tomb or a 19 page ebook, there is room for your publication on Amazon. Below are a few helpful publications should you decide to publish your own work for Kindle.

And here are John Locke’s nine novels in the Donovan Creed series.

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