For The Love Of Quotes…

I posted in a facebook group today about a thread started during the past week encouraging members to share their favorite quotes. Over the course of a few days a lot of wonderful quotes were shared and it was nice to feel the motivation many of them brought along for the ride. However, at the risk of being the proverbial “wet blanket”, I went on to share some thoughts on such quotes and their potential negative impact if over used, misused, or misquoted, as they often are.
I decided it was appropriate, even necessary, to expand on that post here.
As I work with clients helping them expand their business through practical search engine optimization, real social media exposure, or to otherwise develop their online presence (website, blog, profile, etc.), I often hear similar quotes and cliches offered up as answers, solutions, and excuses. Many times these quotes have been radically misused, have lost their intended meaning, or are actually being grossly misquoted.
You know the old quote, “Money is the root of all evil!” — but, of course, that’s not the quote at all. It has been significantly changed from the original and the result completely changes the original meaning. It never ceases to amaze me how often I hear misquoted or misapplied quotes and quips offered up as gospel. If you know anything at all about self-motivation, the use of positive affirmations, or the power of thought (especially the sub-conscious) then you know such misuse can lead to a major disaster in your business and/or your life.
There are so many people building, or propping up, their hopes and dreams with over-worked quotes and cliches, the like of which do nothing to actually move them forward. Be sure you understand the nature of actual positives in thought and speech. Although I hate the source, probably the best, most “real” quote is simply, “Get’er done!”


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