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I love email. Perhaps too much. And, although I hate to admit it, as much as I hate SPAM I kind of have a soft spot for it too a little. I mean, who else can make me smile so readily first thing in the morning? Some of the silly junk I get, the bad English, which ends up meaning something altogether different than intended, the attempts at “marketing”, you gotta give these guys points for effort. Does anybody actually send money to that poor old woman, mother of nine, in Nigeria? Yep, SPAM can be interesting if you scan it with the right mind set. But more than SPAM, you gotta love newsletters…
Yep, newsletters. The kind you actually sign up for. The ones you ask to receive. That’s were the real fun comes in. To start with, today I received a copy of Kim Clausen’s Ready 2 Go Marketing Solutions newsletter. Now, just for the record, I like her stuff. She presents quality material that I find both interesting and, quite often, useful, which is more than many newsletters produce. It was the subject line of today’s offering that first caught my attention:
Do you have teleseminar burnout?
Kim does that a lot. Picks subject lines, and topics, for her newsletters that I was just thinking about a day or two previous. Perhaps that’s why I like her newsletter so much, but that’s not the point here. The thing that made it interesting was the subject line of the very next email, from someone else, of course:
Are you joining us?
Which was, I am sure you can guess, a pitch for yet another teleseminar. And, getting back to Kim’s subject line, it is true. The ubiquitous teleseminar/webinar has really become too much. Like Chicken Man, they are EVERYWHERE!
The problem is not only how many there are, it’s also how bad most of them are, too. Every nickel and dime wannabe Brendon Burchard with a cell phone now has it in his head he can be… no, he IS… an expert and has something valuable to share, even if it’s crap and it’s shared badly. But hey, everybody gets fifteen minutes, right?
So what was Kim’s newsletter about this week? An offer for her “online workshop” on how to deliver teleseminars that stand out in your market. ::sigh::

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