Dr. Morgan Giddings, PhD.

Dr. Morgan Giddings, PhD. brings an interesting perspective to the arena of helping people from the lab and the lecture hall. His Her previous faculty position gave him her experience and a point of view. His Her desire to reach out to help others brought a new perspective, passion, and commitment. Recently, he she shared this outstanding video:

Eight Years of Scorn and Mockery

Dr. Giddings reminds me greatly of the British science fiction author, inventor, and futurist, Sir Arthur Charles Clarke. I expect we’ll be hearing lots more from this wonderful voice.


In her own words…

I am presently situated geographically in the center of North Carolina, specifically the Triangle area. If someone has already done it, then I’m bored with it. If the answers are already known, then I’m looking somewhere else.
“My scientific background combines degrees in Physics, Computer Science, and a PhD focused on bioinformatics from UW Madison. After that, I got introduced to proteins and proteomics, and ever since have been tinkering with systems and approaches for combining proteomics, genomics, and computing to do hopefully useful things like helping to annotate the genes on the human genome.
“My philosophy is that academic science has boxed itself into a bit of a corner with the direction it’s been headed. The “single pathway or system” focus that worked so well 20 years ago no longer works. We are in the era of “integration” but nobody knows how to do it. I am working on a book that touches on this.
“Mid-career I had a realization that we scientists are horrible marketers for our work. I had this realization after co-founding a sustainable lifestyles bike shop, and trying to apply my “academic scientist” mentality to selling bikes. It didn’t work. After re-programming myself to market better, I realized that this also applies to everything I do in running a science lab.
“That is the basis of my book 4 Steps to Fundingand another upcoming book, The Golden Ticket in Science.”

Dr Morgan Giddins PhD

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  1. guest December 18, 2013 at 11:45 am #

    Steve, you seem to have missed that Morgan is a woman. (you are using male pronouns) I know it’s confusing, Morgan can be either as a given name but she is definitely a woman!! 😉

    • Steve December 27, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

      How right you are. I have updated the original text and added a little from Dr. Giddings, HERself. Thank you for your correction. This sort of thing is always appreciated.

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