Coaches and Trainers and Gurus, Oh My!

Sometimes I think everyone wants to be a coach. The online coaching industry is mushrooming. It is unquestionably a growth industry; the next get-rich-quick marketplace. For every sincere, skilled, Dan Kennedy or Brendon Burchard, there are dozens of quacks and wannabes. Everywhere you turn someone else is flogging the new digital snake oil.
Even at my age, I am always looking to learn. In fact, if I don’t learn at least one new thing each day I don’t feel fulfilled. And I know that no matter how much I learn I will always be falling behind. There is just too much material being developed for anyone, even focusing on a single field, to keep up with. Thus the opening for this new crop of gurus to lead the way.
I subscribe to several good newsletters and I pick up new ones regularly to see if there is anything, or anyone, else I should be following. I typically give a new subscription three tries. And I keep the three-strikes rule in play though out. If I get three emails in a row with nothing to offer it’s unsubscribe time for sure. It keeps the number of emails down to a manageable level and improves the signal to noise ratio significantly.
Sometimes I dump the subscription after reading the first email. It’s a rare occurrence. I like to give the writer the benefit of the doubt. I can’t be interested in everything they say and maybe there will be something good, something useful, in the next couple of emails or blog posts. That’s fair.
However, when this is your opening paragraph (from an actual email I received today) you won’t get past the first issue; at least not in my mailbox:
The lesson I’m about to share with you holds the power, if you use it, to at least cuts the amount of time you spend in learning online marketing regardless of how you’re in learning something new.”
Look, we all make typos and have problems with writing from time to time but, if you don’t see what’s wrong with that sentence, then you probably shouldn’t be considering a career as a coach or trainer. You have to deliver something of value. The value is lost when the words, the grammar, the spelling, the care, don’t live up to the desired goal. If the issue is just one of putting what you think down on paper then get a ghost writer or take some writing classes yourself.
If you want to be a coach, an instructor, or even a guru, you are going to have to master the art of delivery even if you actually have the best secret sauce in the industry.

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