Canadian, eh?

Yes I am. Proudly. I was born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, a beautiful city not far from Niagara Falls. I actually spent most of my childhood on a small hobby farm about five miles west of the city. I did spend two years, age 5 and 6, living in two small towns just outside Buffalo, N.Y. — Hamburg and North Collins.
I returned to the farm and attended Woodland Public School, beginning with the second half of grade one, and from which I graduated from eighth grade as Valedictorian. There was even a plaque on the wall in the school’s main entrance with my name on it for several years. I understand it was lost in a round of renovations. But hey, “We were at Woodland!”
High school was at Beamsville District Secondary School, nearly fifteen miles to the west. Our house was “in the country” so I had to attend there, even though the city schools were much closer. Later, St. Catharines annexed right up to the center line of our street. Since we were on the east (city) side, my younger sister went to a city school. Her best friend, living right across the street, still made the trip to BDSS each school day.
And I started my higher education at Brock University in St. Catharines. I had considered going to Simon Fraser, in British Columbia, but family circumstances changed when my Dad died during my last year of high school. Brock turned out to be a good choice. I met my first wife there.
So, what’s the big deal about Canada? Well, here’s newsman Tom Brokaw’s take on it:


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