Bored? Really?

Are You Bored? Really?


Bored? Really? Kids often say to their parents, “Mom, Dad, I’m bored. I have nothing to do!” Adults often say, or think, the same thing. If you take a moment to read below you should realize that boredom is the biggest, lamest, excuse ever!


There are differing estimates on this, but in his 1982 book Critical Path, futurist and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller estimated that if we consider all the accumulated knowledge that mankind had acquired and transmitted by the year One CE, the starting point of our modern western calendar, as equal to one unit of information, it probably took about 1500 years, until sometime in the sixteenth century, for that amount of knowledge to double.


According to Buckminster, the next doubling of knowledge from two to four of what he calls ‘knowledge units’ took only 250 years, till about 1750 CE.


By 1900, he suggests, one hundred and fifty years later, knowledge had doubled again to 8 units. Buy the beginning of WWII knowedge was doubling every 50 years or so.


The speed at which information doubles keeps getting faster and faster. The doubling speed today, for all knowledge, is now somewhere between one and two years. More specifically, nanotechnology is said to double every two years, clinical knowledge every 18 months, and computing power just over a year.


And you say you are bored because there is nothing new to do?


Bored? Really?
How Can You Be Bored? Really?


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