You Betcha Red Rider

As many of you know I don’t do mornings well. I’ve spent my life thinking “outside the box” (or with no box at all!) and so I always saw it as, “The early worm gets taken by the bird!”

Though I’m starting to think there might actually be something in these morning things after all. I woke around 8:30 to the sound of a baby crying. Granddaughter has been fighting a nasty infection and has been a handful. We gave momma the night off and kept baby here overnight. She doesn’t usually fuss but she hates taking her medicine.

So I was awake and decided to see what was happening around the web. I checked out facebook and Twitter and a news channel I follow. I know I’m getting old. I made a “You betcha Red Rider!” comment to a young pup on facebook and needed to provide a reference link so he understood what I meant. (If you don’t either, Google it!)

Then it was time to help grandma bundle baby and a night’s worth of stuff (I take less for a week!) into the car so she could take her home.

Since it was pushing 10 a.m. and I would be on my own for a bit, it was off to the kitchen to make brunch. Let’s see… coffee and donuts, or actually cook something. As I’m writing this I am just finishing off a plate of home fries and scrambled-egg-stuffed yellow bell pepper halves all pan fried in butter. Yum.

I think I understand what Lionel Richie meant.

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