A Rose By Any Other Name…

In the last two posts I’ve looked at the way our mind deals with reality and fantasy; the fact that it is easily demonstrable that there is no difference in what the mind envisions. I also suggested that we can find numerous instances in our own experience where the sub-conscious mind has acted on a passing suggestion or thought without regard for the right or the wrong of it, the truth or the falsity, or even our conscious desire.
What does that mean for us, for our business, for our online efforts? It means we have a powerful tool in our arsenal that can support us, aid us, leverage our efforts, if only we learn how to use it to our advantage!
The first thing you need to do, in order to embrace this concept, and utilize this tool, is to stop thinking of yourself as stupid. Now, I know that not everyone reading this does so, and not everyone who does will think such a thing at all times, but a lot of us, all too often, come up against an issue, a problem, a task, that confounds us and we say, or even just think, “I’m too stupid to do that!”
What we are doing in that phrase or thought is arming our sub-conscious to work against our own best interests. You think you were stupid before? Wait ’til you see how stupid your sub-conscious can make you seem when you nudge it in that direction! You won’t be any more stupid. If you are reading this you probably aren’t stupid at all! But, if you think you are, your sub-conscious mind will do it’s level best to make you seem as stupid as it can. It’s truly self-fulfilling!
So why think it. A friend of mine calls it stinking thinking and says you have to clean up the bad smell. Just as you would hunt down a nasty odor in your kitchen and clean up the source, you need to hunt down that stinking thinking and clean up the source in your life.
It’s not easy. We are confronted with negativity all around us. Everywhere we turn there are things that make us feel less secure, less effective, even (Yes, I’ll say it!) stupid. But there are none of these that need to be overwhelming. You can overcome each of them, one step at a time.
In the next few posts I am going to provide specific steps you can take to better focus your efforts, to turn negative stumbling blocks into positive stepping stones, and to get beyond stinking thinking.
Stick with me. I’ll show you how!

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